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he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy


    he looks so pleased with himself and that makes me happy

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following back tons


    following back tons

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  6. (August 1st. 12:57AM)
    “I found that bottle of whiskey you left at my apartment. You know the one you were saving for a special occasion? I think you leaving is a good enough reason to finally open it.”

    (August 2nd. 4:07AM)
    “Today was complete shit, I came home and you weren’t here what the fuck is wrong with you, why haven’t you come home yet?”

    (August 2nd. 4:30AM)
    “I never noticed how cold a bed can get when it’s left half empty. Maybe that explains why I’m cold all the time now, you left me half empty.”

    (August 3rd. 3:55PM)
    “I saw your mom today, she wouldn’t look me in the eyes. What the fuck did you tell her I did?”

    (August 4th. 5:07AM)
    “I fucking hate you.”

    (August 4th. 5:08AM)
    “Why did you leave?”

    (August 4th. 5:10AM)
    “Come home.”

    (August 6th 3:22AM)
    “I hate that this is goodbye. I miss you so goddamn much. I won’t bother you again. I’m sorry if you hate me. I love you.”

    – Texts I regret sending you. Part 2. (via jessielou24)

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  7. The Moments I Chose to Ignore That Told Me You Were Going to Leave Me:

    1. The night I was crying on a street corner in Brooklyn and your concrete feet refused to come find me

    2. When you introduced me to your mother as a friend

    3. How on December 10th, 2012 you stopped kissing the curve of my shoulder before we fell asleep

    4. How after that you always wanted to fuck in the dark
    so you could rearrange my face to look like anyone else’s but my own

    5. When you started saying my name like the aftermath of swallowing a fistful of razorblades

    6. The only time you said you would appreciate my music would be after “us” because you knew the lyrics would be all dedicated in your name

    7. That night in April when I was visiting the city and your bed I whispered “I’ve missed you” into your collarbones and you told me to, “Stop saying that.”

    8. How the next morning you didn’t kiss me goodbye when I took my plane home

    9. When I felt like I needed you like the expansion of my ribcage to breathe

    10. The night I was crying on a street corner in Los Angeles and your atlas hands refused to come find me

    – K. Wagner (via th3gr0wnupchild)

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    hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

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  9. I either eat too much I starve myself
    Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights
    Fall in love too hard or hate passionately
    I don’t know what grey is
    I never did
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    me as a parent 

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  11. They told me to pour my heart into everything I do. So that’s what I did, I poured and poured and poured. Now they ask me why I’m so empty.
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  12. Don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise.
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